Last Saturday, a woman was walking down Linwood Avenue in Evansville when she was attacked by a pack of pit bulls that were running loose in the neighborhood.  As a result of the attack, the woman was fell to the ground as the group of dogs continued to attack and seriously injured her leg.  The pack of dogs continued to attack the Evansville woman until a neighbor came to distract the dogs using a stick.  Following the attack, the woman was transported Deaconess Hospital where she received stiches from bite puncture wounds and is now recovering but still suffers from a limp while walking.  On the day of the attack, Animal Control and the Evansville Police were later called to restrain the dogs and found them inside their home with the front door wide open.  During their attempt to restrain the dogs, police fired upon the dogs who attacked inside the house resulting in the use of lethal force on two of the dogs.  In addition to possible liability for the attacks, the dog owners may face criminal charges as the City of Evansville has passed leash and containment laws for dogs.

Dog owners have a duty to take reasonable measures to prevent their dog from biting another person, and as demonstrated above may face not only civil but criminal penalties in failing to do so.  Additionally, it is important for dog owners to take special care for dogs that have traditionally labeled as aggressive such as pitbulls, as some communities have enacted laws which may require euthanization if these dogs attack another person.

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