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Dog bites


Dog bites are a major public health risk, not only for the damages that a bite can cause but the associated secondary infections that can occur from a bite, as well as possible rabies if the owners of the dog in question have not taken the proper measures to ensure their animal is not a hazard. If a victim is bitten by a dog that that has the rabies virus, and they let it go untreated, the results are almost invariably fatal. Injuries from a dog bite can be extensive, depending on the length the attack occurred and the aggressive nature of the dog that performed the attack. Dog bites can be fatal, if the person bitten does not seek the necessary medical treatment.

The owner of any animal is required by law to restrain his or her animal for public safety reasons; this includes dog owners. There are certain measures that they must take when they have a dog out on a leash or if they have a dog on their property. We can discuss all of these measures with you at your free consultation.

Dog Bite Laws

Liability in dog bite cases depends on negligence, even if the owner does not have prior knowledge that the dog was a danger in certain situations. It is their responsibility to take reasonable steps to prevent injury. How these types of cases are won is by detailing how the dog owner was negligent, how they did not take the reasonable steps, and how if they had, the injury would not have occurred. We know these steps and have handled many dog bite cases. Contact us today to discuss your case.

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