An untrained dog is a serious hazard to the surrounding public. Not only can their bites be very harmful, but you may even contract some serious infections and diseases. In some cases, dog bites can even cause rabies. If proper measures have not been taken to care for the dog and train him, you may at the receiving end of a dog bite.

Not only will you suffer from excruciating pain, but you will also have to undergo a lot of medical tests and physical examinations in order to make sure that you are free from all infections. In case you get bitten by a rabid dog and do not get yourself treated immediately, the results may even prove to be fatal. Injuries pertaining to a canine bite can be extremely traumatizing.

When traveling, the owner of any canine animal is required to keep them on a leash. The dog must be properly trained and kept on a leash. For reasons pertaining to public safety, you should not consider taking your pet out unless he has been properly socialized. When traveling outside, dogs tend to become pretty hyper. Unless they are restrained, the dog may even attack you.

Dog Bite Laws

The law of Indiana is actually pretty clear about all injuries sustained by the victim as a result of a canine attack. The liability, in this case, falls on the owner of the dog. In Indiana, the liability falls on the owner due to negligence. Even if the owner did not know that the dog could be a hazard to the general public, the attorney could ask for damages.

Call to Personal Injury Lawyer

However, winning such a case is obviously not easy. The injury lawyer will have to review the case files and highlight all the facts pertaining to the case. After that, the lawyer will also assess the dog’s training and prove that the canine was not properly trained. The job of the lawyer is to get you the highest possible settlement.

In case you have been injured in such an accident, the onus lies with your legal team to prove that this injury could have been avoided in case the dog was well-trained. In most cases, the dog owner’s insurance company may be responsible for paying the damages. Obviously, insurance companies aren’t so keen to shell out settlements. They hire trained adjusters in order to reduce the settlement to the least possible amount.

Winning Your Injury Case

Getting injured by a canine attack is not only embarrassing, it is also very traumatizing. You need the services of a good law firm in order to win your case. At Schiller Law Offices, we build up your case with facts and review everything. Given the amount of experience that we have in dealing with such cases, we are able to provide our clients with the best possible service. An injury attorney will be assigned to your case, and we will make sure that your case is as strong as possible. Call Schiller Law Offices Today. We are one of the most trusted law companies in Indianapolis and state of Indiana.