There is no greater pain than losing a loved one. However, while natural deaths are a bit easier to take, a wrongful death can leave friends and family members completely shattered. According to the law, wrongful death is one that is caused by the negligence or the reckless actions of another party. It might even be the physician treating the patient who may be held accountable.

If the death was caused due to the legal fault of another party, you are liable to file a case against them. The law of Indianapolis  and Indiana is very clear about such cases: They should be treated with the utmost seriousness. The main aim of such a lawsuit is to seek compensation for the loss borne by the survivors.

The compensation may include any lost wages of the deceased, repayment for funeral costs or compensation for loss of companionship. Many people don’t file such claims because they are grieving. However, the law gives full permission to the aggrieved party to file for maximum compensation. If you feel that a family member or friend died because of the wrongful actions of another party, it is your right to file a case against them and demand compensation for your loss.

What Can We Offer?

At Schiller Law Offices, we have helped hundreds of clients in the past get compensation for wrongful death claims. First, we will review your claim and determine whether it has substance. If we feel that your claim holds substance, we will assign an injury attorney to work on the case.

The injury attorney will work day and night in order to make sure that the party at fault is held accountable. Since this is a civil action, you can file for exemplary or punitive damages as well. The case can be filed by immediate members of the deceased’s family, life partners/spouse or financial dependent.

At first, we will make sure that the death was caused by the accident. Obviously, the party at fault won’t be willing to admit their mistake. That’s why we will compile all the details of the accident, as well as the circumstances leading up to it. In order to build the strongest possible claim, our injury lawyer will make sure that every single detail of the case is presented in court.

Hire Attorney

At Schiller Law Offices in Indianapolis, we believe that justice delayed is justice denied. While we can’t reverse the loss of a loved one, we can help you cope with it. We will file for the maximum possible compensation that you can get in such a case. We don’t give our clients false hopes either.

We will keep you updated and highlight every possible scenario of the case. Our expert team of lawyers will make sure that you get your due compensation. While monetary compensation does little in the way of helping you cope with the loss of a loved one, the law considers it as the best possible punishment, and so do we.