On July 27, 2016, a collision occurred on the U.S. Route 36 Bridge over Raccoon Lake in Parke County, Indiana, when a driver of a tractor pulling a farm implement collided with a dump truck. The collision occurred as the driver of the dump truck struck the farm implement from behind, which subsequently caused the tractor to overturn and the dump truck to strike a guardrail and spill its contents.  Due to the impact of the collision, the driver of the tractor was ejected, while the driver of the dump truck remained trapped for more than two hours in the truck due to driving through the bridge’s guardrails. Officials with the Parke County Sheriff’s Department reported that the cause of the collision was still unknown although it appeared that the driver of the dump truck had a clear view in front of him, although it appeared that the truck driver’s view was not obstructed prior to the collision.

As agriculture remains a significant part of the Hoosier economy, especially within rural communities throughout Indiana, it is common to see tractors, harvesters, combines, and other farming implements making use of public roads.  Under Indiana law, farm implements and other vehicles that are not regularly driven more than 25 miles per hour must have a slow moving vehicle triangular sign to give motorists proper notice while on the road. While operators of slow moving vehicles must comply with such laws, motorists also have a duty to approach and overpass these vehicles with caution to prevent avoidable collisions and injuries.  If you have been a victim of motorist negligence, please contact our experienced injury team at 888-578-2100 or at IndyInjured.com to learn more about how you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.