Jeremy M. Noel, one of Schiller Law Offices’ Litigation Attorneys, recently obtained a verdict in favor of the Plaintiff in Illinois, where the Jury awarded his client enough to fully cover his medical expenses, plus compensation for pain and suffering and loss of normal life experienced. This case was the result of a collision in the city of Chicago on January 14, 2013. The Plaintiff was a rear seat passenger in a car that was traveling in a funeral procession on the near west side in Chicago. As the Plaintiff’s vehicle followed the procession, they traveled westbound on Washington Street at the intersection of Cicero Avenue , where the Defendant, a semi-truck driver returning, was traveling northbound. The Defendant claimed that he was unaware there was a funeral procession and was instead paying attention to alleyways and other traffic. The truck driver struck the Plaintiff’s vehicle while crossing the intersection, and the Plaintiff suffered several broken bones in his face as well as the loss of several teeth. The forceful impact initially rendered the Plaintiff unconscious until he awoke at Mt. Sinai Hospital. After being discharged from the hospital, the Plaintiff underwent various medical treatments for his substantial injuries. At the time when the Plaintiff retained the services of Schiller Law Offices, the Defendant disputed liability and his legal counsel’s highest offer to settle was $10,000. When the case went to trial, Attorney Jeremy Noel successfully convinced the jury of the severity of the Plaintiff’s injuries resulting from the collision and won a jury verdict of $66,000.00.

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