Pedestrians beware. This past weekend there were two major hit-and-run incidents involving pedestrians who were severely injured or killed by a motor vehicle as they were crossing the street.

A woman was attempting to cross the street on the morning of October 3, 2014, when an unidentified driver struck her knocking her down to the curb. The driver of the vehicle then fled the scene of the accident. The pedestrian sustained internal injuries and broken bones.

On the evening of Friday, October 3, 2014, a sixty-eight year old man was killed in a hit-and-run accident. He was attempting to cross 34th Street to Moller Road in Indianapolis, Indiana, when he was struck by a vehicle. The driver then fled the scene.  Injured and trying to reach safety, the pedestrian attempted to crawl across the street. While doing so, he was struck by three more vehicles, none of which stopped after making impact. An ambulance arrived thereafter, but due to the severity of the pedestrian’s injuries, he was propounded dead at the scene.

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