With nearly 1.4 Million people over the age of 50 hospitalized due to suffering traumatic injuries each year nationally, researchers at the Indiana University Regenstrief Institute are testing a new model to address this group of injured persons. In order to address these patients who often do not fully recover from traumatic injuries, researchers have suggested a comprehensive home therapy treatment regimen which focuses on the active and continuing assessment of an injured patient while at home.  As a result, researchers intend to involve teams made up of care coordinators, trauma surgeons, intensive care physicians and other related physicians that work alongside the patient’s primary care physician to provide care in addition to that received during a typical emergency department visit. Although this program is currently unable to address patients with brain or spinal cord injuries, this model may help to assess and treat trauma-related conditions such as cognitive disorders or depression to provide necessary solutions otherwise untenable under the current medical model.

A collaboration between primary care physicians and specialists following initial emergency treatment including bi-weekly or as necessary home visits will likely reduce otherwise preventable permanent effects of traumatic injuries suffered by victims of collisions or other incidents resulting from negligence. To find out more about this grant and research model, please see the below link and if you or a loved one has suffered a traumatic injury due the negligence of another, please contact our legal professionals at IndyInjured.com or 888-578-2100 for a free consultation.