Earlier this year, an Indiana jury found for a sixty year old gentleman, injured in an automobile collision back in November 2009. The collision occurred at the busy intersection of Mississippi Street and 101st Avenue in Merrillville, Indiana. The third party driver failed to yield the right of way and negligently turned left in front of the man’s vehicle, causing a collision. The man suffered a serious knee injury, including cartilage defect to his femoral trochlea and femoral condyle, requiring multiple surgeries and resulting in permanent impairment and limited motion in his knee. The third party driver was underinsured and the gentleman sought restitution from his underinsured insurance policy for his substantial medical damages. The jury determined State Farm Mutual Insurance Company was liable for failing to pay the man what he was owed under his uninsured/underinsured policy benefits. The man was awarded $1.5 million for his damages suffered and the man’s wife recovered $150,000 for her consortium claim.

Sources: Hektoen v. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, 2014 WL 3052501 (Jury Statement) and 2011 WL 11744785 (Complaint)