On November 27, 2015, a Pendleton man responsible for a 2013 traffic collision agreed to a plea deal with Henry County prosecutors.  This agreement is the result of criminal charges arising from the 2013 collision of causing death when driving with a controlled substance in system, and causing serious bodily injury when driving with a controlled substance in system.  Authorities alleged that the Pendleton man ingested marijuana before running a stop sign at Mechanicsburg Road and 825 North near Middletown, Indiana, and fatally injuring the two passengers in the other vehicle involved in the collision.  Only months before the 2013 collision, the Pendleton man was convicted of driving with a controlled substance in system following an arrest and trial in Madison County, and currently faces pending wrongful death lawsuits brought personal representatives of each person killed in the 2013 collision, also in the Madison County Courts.

Although many national debates have concerned the health risks and advantages of marijuana, any person intending to operate a motor vehicle should never be under the influence of controlled substances which may hinder reaction time or response to other vehicles on the road.  However, motor vehicles collisions due to impaired drivers while under the influence of alcohol or other controlled substances occur often, and it is important to know your rights when injured due to the negligence of another. Contact Schiller law today at 888-578-3100 or at IndyInjured.com for a free initial consultation and case evaluation.