There are many types of compensation a plaintiff may seek within a personal injury case.  Of these, some of the most readily identifiable and calculable compensations are monetary damages awarded for a plaintiff’s medical expenses and lost wages.  But what about compensation for a plaintiff who is unable to return to work due to his or her injuries? For these individuals losses of future income may also be awarded through either settlement or by the courts in order to allow a plaintiff a proper recovery.  However, as it is often difficult to estimate the future income of an individual who is no longer able to work in his or her chosen profession, recovering such damages often poses considerable challenges.


One of the groups most affected by the difficulties in seeking future income damages are undocumented immigrant workers.  In a time where illegal immigration concerns have come to the forefront of national politics following a proposed Executive Order by President Barack Obama, the rights and legal status of undocumented immigrant workers have also been challenged by both legislation and in court.  Of these concerns, the question of whether an individual who cannot demonstrate that he or she is legally allowed to work in the United States should be able to recover monetary damages for future income losses is one that is subject to much scrutiny within the current political climate. Consequently, the ability of undocumented individuals to receive appropriate compensation for their injuries in civil matters may soon be placed into serious jeopardy.


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