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Trucking accidents


Every year there are more and more large commercial trucks including semi-trucks, and 18-wheelers sharing the road with our vehicles, the smaller more personalized vehicles. Due to the size of these vehicles, when an accident occurs that involves a commercial truck, the damages are extensive, and serious injury or even fatality is very common. These accidents often involve multiple vehicles and victims.

In addition to the large and damaging nature of these types of accidents, commercial vehicles often have different insurance limits and specialized insurance companies as well as having more than one company that covers them for different purposes. This can cause arguments between insurance agencies about which policyis going to cover the damages. Working with an experienced attorney who knows the laws and regulations is important for these types of cases as they are often more involved than the average automobile accident case.

When it comes to trucking companies, a high priority that is placed upon their drivers is not safety or proper previsions for drivers, but to deliver cargo as quickly as possible. This can be hazardous to other drivers on the road. Even experienced truck drivers who are trained to avoid certain errors can be the cause of accidents. Here are some reasons for these types of severe accidents:

  • Tired or drowsy driving

  • Aggressive or road rage driving

  • Excessive speeds

  • Unsafe driving during severe weather conditions

  • Having an overloaded truck

  • Improper maintenance of vehicle

  • Driving under the influence

When it comes to trucking accidents, the insurance company of the truck company is going to be on the side of the truck driver, and they will blame the victim. We will work to uncover the truth of what happened and we will investigate the claim and work to get the settlement you deserve. Contact an experienced law firm to fight for you.   

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