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New Bill May Help Suspended Drivers Legally Get Their Licenses Back


A new bill that will help suspended drivers legally get their licenses back is advancing through the Indiana legislature.  In Indiana, about 330,000 individuals actively had a driver’s license suspension in 2019; many of the suspensions resulting from not having car insurance, failing to pay fines, and failing to appear in court.  For some individuals, these charges stack on top of each other, increasing their fines. The new bill, along with a joint effort of prosecutors, public defenders, judges, and insurance groups, will reduce suspensions that are the result of crimes of poverty, not contempt.  A feature of this bill involving car insurance will pause the suspension of any driver who has had their license suspended due to failure to pay fees if they obtain car insurance.  Ifsaid driver stops paying for the insurance in the next six months, the suspension begins again, but if the insurance is kept for those six months, the suspension will be terminated.  This part of the new bill aims to curb people from buying car insurance and then canceling it after showing it to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and incentivizing drivers to be insured while on the road and avoid larger fees bills if they are in a collision.

As sping begins, more people will begin traveling on the road.  However, many may be driving with a suspended license for reasons other than failure to pay certain fees and bills.  If you or someone you know has been injured or killed in a car accident by someone driving in a negligent manner, please contact the experienced legal team at Schiller Law Offices at 888-578-3100 or at to learn more about your potential right to compensation.


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