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Personal Injury Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I am involved in an auto or other type of accident?

Request an ambulance. If anyone involved seems seriously injured, request an ambulance to come to the scene. Do not attempt to move anyone unless they are in immediate danger.

Contact the police. Provide the dispatch with information on where you are located and request an officer immediately. Once the officer arrives, give him your full cooperation. A police report greatly aids us in your case so providing accurate and detailed information is helpful.

Take photographs of the scene. Photos of the car damages and the surrounding area try to retain as much information from the scene as possible, such as skid marks on the road, weather conditions, as well as the actions of the other drivers. Drinking and driving symptoms are something to look out for.

Write down names and contact information. This includes the other drivers, any passengers and any witnesses that could have seen the accident occur. Also getting the information of emergency personal can be helpful as well, including police officers and paramedics. This information can he used to strengthen your case. Obtaining other information from the other parties is helpful as well, including driver’s license number and insurance information.

See a medical professional as soon as possible. Even if you are feeling fine immediately following the accident, you may have injuries that you are unaware of, or that do not show themselves till a few days following the accident. If you are seriously injured, go to the emergency room as soon as possible. This can be done with an ambulance directly from the scene.

Contact an attorney. The sooner you contact an experience attorney, the faster they can start taking steps to strengthen your case. Even if some time has passed since your accident, you can contact Schiller Law to speak with our attorneys. We are willing and able to have a free conference with you to go over your case and review your legal options. There are time limits on accident related cases, so the less time you wait to speak to an attorney the better.

Do I really need an attorney for my injury claim?

Auto insurance companies’ main goals are to settle your claim at minimal expense, no matter how cooperative or helpful they seem. Even negotiations with your own personal insurance company can be difficult. As your attorney we are professionally and ethically obligated to look after our client’s best interest. We want to obtain the best possible outcome for you, as we are on your side.

What if the other drive has no insurance?

There are other options that can be explored for compensation. In Indiana, the state mandates that the insurance company must provide you with uninsured coverage, unless you have signed a document specifically declining this coverage. This coverage allows for your damages to be covered under your own policy. If you are informed the other party does not have insurance, report the incident to your insurance company immediately. We can review your policy with you to make sure you have the proper coverage needed as well as make sure you receive the compensation you deserve. If your insurance is denying your claim, we can assist you with maintaining a claim against your own insurance or a bad faith action.

How much compensation can I expect from my case?

This answer depends on a number of factors, so it is hard to give a defined numerical value. Some factors include the extent of your injuries, if you have ever had prior injuries similar in nature to the ones you are experiencing currently, the length and amount of treatment you receive, as well as policy limits available to you. We can go into a more in depth conversation about how much your specific case is worth by having a consultation with one of our experienced injury attorneys.

Should I speak to the insurance company?

As a general rule, we advise our clients not to speak with insurance companies. This prevents our clients from stating something that can be used against them. We work hard to give you the best care possible, so allowing our office to speak on your behalf with the insurance company ensures there will be nothing used against you. All communication should be forwarded to your attorney’s hands.

What are the costs for hiring an attorney?

Our office works on a contingency basis, which means our clients pays no attorney’s fees until their case is resolved.

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